Watch our garden grow

garden 1.1

Enjoy views of our garden from the patio!

As you may know, I am a farmer and a gardener at heart. I tend to the garden all season, but our talented landscaper, Dominic, helps me get the garden ready to plant in the spring. This year, Dominic didn’t plow the garden. Instead, per Ruth Stout’s suggestion, he dug out all the weeds and put them on our own mulch pile to make new soil.

As you can see, I’ve got lines set, and we are ready to plant all the vegetables our chef, Laura, needs for Felice. There will be lettuces, herbs, oregano, parsley, thyme, bok choi, okra, lima beans, mint, beans, beets, and more. As the produce is ready, we pick it and Laura incorporates the items in our menu and sometimes creates featured dishes for the day.

I’ll be regularly updating the progress of the garden over the next few months, so check back often to watch us grow. Or, if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by to see and taste it for yourself!

– Margaret

peaschivesJune 3, 2015

The garden is edging up, particularly the radishes… and the weeds are relentless!

The cucumbers look sick, lying down on the ground. I think they need a trellis. The amaranth is now distinguished from the weeds because it is red. My peas are growing like crazy (see the photo on the left). The three elephant ears I kept in my basement over the winter have shown that they are alive. They should grow as tall as the trees. The chives are doing well too – see them below with the purple flowers. Laura cuts these and uses them in menu items daily.

I finally figured out my mystery plant… borage. We can make a spinach-like dish out of the borage and eat its purple blossoms. Its flavor is similar to a cucumber.

– Margaret






July 1, 2015peaches

We are trying to attack the weeds in spite of the rain! We have a bounty of peaches for the first time in three years. Same with the two apple trees. Now I have to figure out how to support the branches, otherwise they will droop as the fruit grows heavier.

Bok choy and lettuce are ready and have been picked. The beets and the amaranth are growing (amaranth is a beautiful deep red color). The peas are done. The lima beans are reaching for a trellis that I don’t yet have for them.

The cucumbers look good as I wrap their tendrils around poles. The three elephant ears are going to be huge! The hydrangeas are bursting to show their beauty. Butterfly bush is already in bloom. And the mint patch is spreading, as mint always does.

– Margaretamaranth