Time for Summer and Our Outdoor Patio


Dear Felice Patrons,


Patio season is finally here!


005_IMG_8673It’s warmed up, the garden is growing, and we’ve opened our patio. Whether you want to come in by yourself to grab a beverage and some food in the carriage house that’s been converted into an outdoor bar, reserve a table for a few people, or book a larger party, our patio is the perfect spot.



009_IMG_8696On one side, we have tables under the sun (and for happy hour during the week) as well as tables under the extended roof of the carriage house if you’d like a little shade. Either way, they’re next to our garden, which we use for our food and cocktails. On the other side, we have a more secluded section of the patio, nestled under the shade of a large elm tree. We have tables for smaller reservations of two or more and it’s an ideal spot for larger groups and parties too.  


Now that we got the patio open, stay tuned for our new summer food and beverage menu. All good things take time. Have you visited us for happy hour yet; Tues-Fri 5pm to 6:30pm. It’s even better on the patio or in our carriage house bar.


The sun is shining, the garden is growing, and being out on the patio with a cool breeze blowing, good food, and a cold beverage makes it a wonderful place to be for hours on end. Please be mindful that especially during patio season, our restaurant can get rather busy, so making reservations well in advance is optimal.


We ask everyone to respect a two hour dining experience. Though we want you to stay all night, we have to balance it with allowing other customers to enjoy the patio as well. It’s a delicate dance, but it’s in all our best interests. Thank you for understanding.


See you on the patio! We’ve been looking forward to it for months and hope you have been too. If you missed the previous blog post and email “greetings from Margaret,” be sure to read about recent changes afoot at Felice.


Warm Regards,

Margaret Mueller & Laura Bouton