Greetings from Margaret


Dear Felice Patrons,


The summer is upon us and I wanted to welcome you to our new email list, while sharing with you an update about the dynamic duo that leads our establishment. There’s I, Margaret Mueller, the owner, and Laura Bouton who started as Sous Chef shortly after we opened, became Chef a couple years ago, and who I recently promoted to Chef & General Manager.


001_IMG_8646As some of you may know, at the young age of 78, I decided it was time to start a restaurant. So I bought a historic house built in 1908, which was being used as a vintage store on Larchmere. I then converted it into what is now Felice Urban Cafe. I bought the lot next door, so I could turn it into a garden and I also purchased a condemned house across the street, which I rehabbed into a place for me to live, while renting out the other floors as apartments.


At the time, few in my life thought doing all this was a good idea. Like many entrepreneurs, I stuck to my guns and went ahead anyway because I thought it was a great idea. I’ve been the proud owner of a successful restaurant for years.


I wanted to say hello to all of you via our new email list and encourage you to come have dinner with us. Great things are afoot, as the gals are running the show. If you come before 6pm, stop by our bar and join me for a drink. I’m here every day we’re open, as it’s just a short walk from my house!



Margaret Mueller



Founder & Owner

Felice Urban Cafe