October News & Updates


Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to the first installment of our monthly newsletter; bringing you the latest news, updates, and happenings at Felice Urban Cafe.


We’re Opening Mondays

Starting Monday, October 24th, we’ll be open each Monday from 5-10pm with our regular happy hour from 5-6:30. We’re going to be mixing it up for Mondays and in order to determine the special food items we’ll be offering at reduced prices, we’re asking our guests for their help. Go to this online poll and choose one of the food options or type in your own. We’ll be taking the guest favorite and creating some options on whatever theme you choose:

Which Monday food special would you like to see?

Our Evolving Food Menu

We take local sourcing and seasonal variation seriously at Felice. It’s what makes us who we are. Enjoy some of the last bits of summer with buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes from our garden and Red Basket Farms, kale salad from our garden and Red Basket Farms, a crispy eggplant sandwich with eggplant from Red Basket Farms, and more.  Our menu is always available on our website and we do orders to go as well. http://feliceurbancafe.com/food-menu/


Fall & Winter Events

Stay tuned for events we’re hosting through the fall and winter including a clambake, a wine and food pairing with Mimma of Solo Vino Imports, farm to table with Floyd of Red Basket Farms, beer and food pairing with Derek of Platform Beer Co, and much more. Tickets will be made available through our website starting next week, over the phone, and in the restaurant. Space is limited.


Always ½ Price Wine Bottles on Tuesdays

We’ve never really promoted our Tuesday special, so now seems an ideal time to start. Are you looking to try new wines you aren’t familiar with, interested in exploring wines for the first time, or looking for a way to enjoy high quality wines at a discount? If any of those hold true for you, Felice is the perfect opportunity because most of our bottles of wine are half price every Tuesday.


From OpenTable To Reso

Starting Wednesday, October 12th, we’ll be switching our reservation system from OpenTable to Reso along with a number of restaurants throughout Greater Cleveland. That means you’ll no longer be able to use OpenTable or the OpenTable app, but Reso has a phone app too and you’ll be able to book directly through our website just the same, or by calling us directly. We’ll be sending an email to everyone on this list when we make the switch, so the transition will be easy and seamless.


As always, visit our website to make a reservation or call us at (216) 791-0918.



Margaret Mueller & Laura Bouton



Which Monday food special would you like to see?

Felice at the Rio Olympics

Dear Felice Patrons,


If you’ve been to the restaurant in the past 6-8 weeks between 5-6pm, you’ve no doubt heard me talk about my granddaughter. Her name is Felice Mueller, a Cleveland native, and she’s competing in the olympics in Rio soon on our rowing team in the pair. I’m so proud of her I just had to send out an email to everyone, inviting you all to the restaurant on Friday, August 12th for an evening of great food and olympics coverage.


That will be the women’s pair rowing finals and victory ceremony with Great Britain’s team posing the only real challenge. Even if she wasn’t my granddaughter, I’d still be inspired by her hard work and accomplishment. Getting to the olympics is no easy task and she isn’t the only Ohio-native who’s competing this year for the USA.

We have to encourage our youth to strive for things because a lot of the time and for far too many, achievement seems out of reach. That’s why we’re partnering with the Cleveland Rowing Foundation to co-host the event with us and donating a portion of our sales for the day to them for their 2016 Bow Ball Fundraiser in order to help local youth who’ve a passion for rowing, just like my granddaughter.


To join us on Friday, August 12th visit our website to make a reservation or call us at (216) 791-0918.



Margaret Mueller

Drink Local at Felice Happy Hour

Dear Felice Community,

009_IMG_8696We decided that it’s time to better support breweries in Ohio, so we’ve added 6 ohio-made beers to our menu with more on the way.

To further encourage our community to think local this summer, all the local beers we carry are available during happy hour for $3 each for 12oz cans/bottles with a 22oz bottle for $8.


Our happy hour is Tuesday – Friday from 5pm – 6:30pm.


Supporting Cleveland and Ohio-based businesses is vital. We buy from local vendors as much as possible for our food and our state is home to some amazing beers, so think local and drink local this summer.  


Here’s what we have so far. Let us know which other local beers should be on our list.


$3 beer
fat heads, bumbleberry (OH) 5.3%
fat heads, german jack pilsner (OH) 5.2% abv
north high, pale ale (OH) 5.5% abv
maumee bay, blood orange witbier (OH) 8.1% abv
platform, speed merchant white ipa (OH) 6.6% abv


$8 beer (22oz)
hoppin’ frog, turbo shandy (OH) 7.0% abv


Warm Regards,

Margaret Mueller & Laura Bouton




Time for Summer and Our Outdoor Patio


Dear Felice Patrons,


Patio season is finally here!


005_IMG_8673It’s warmed up, the garden is growing, and we’ve opened our patio. Whether you want to come in by yourself to grab a beverage and some food in the carriage house that’s been converted into an outdoor bar, reserve a table for a few people, or book a larger party, our patio is the perfect spot.



009_IMG_8696On one side, we have tables under the sun (and for happy hour during the week) as well as tables under the extended roof of the carriage house if you’d like a little shade. Either way, they’re next to our garden, which we use for our food and cocktails. On the other side, we have a more secluded section of the patio, nestled under the shade of a large elm tree. We have tables for smaller reservations of two or more and it’s an ideal spot for larger groups and parties too.  


Now that we got the patio open, stay tuned for our new summer food and beverage menu. All good things take time. Have you visited us for happy hour yet; Tues-Fri 5pm to 6:30pm. It’s even better on the patio or in our carriage house bar.


The sun is shining, the garden is growing, and being out on the patio with a cool breeze blowing, good food, and a cold beverage makes it a wonderful place to be for hours on end. Please be mindful that especially during patio season, our restaurant can get rather busy, so making reservations well in advance is optimal.


We ask everyone to respect a two hour dining experience. Though we want you to stay all night, we have to balance it with allowing other customers to enjoy the patio as well. It’s a delicate dance, but it’s in all our best interests. Thank you for understanding.


See you on the patio! We’ve been looking forward to it for months and hope you have been too. If you missed the previous blog post and email “greetings from Margaret,” be sure to read about recent changes afoot at Felice.


Warm Regards,

Margaret Mueller & Laura Bouton



Greetings from Margaret


Dear Felice Patrons,


The summer is upon us and I wanted to welcome you to our new email list, while sharing with you an update about the dynamic duo that leads our establishment. There’s I, Margaret Mueller, the owner, and Laura Bouton who started as Sous Chef shortly after we opened, became Chef a couple years ago, and who I recently promoted to Chef & General Manager.


001_IMG_8646As some of you may know, at the young age of 78, I decided it was time to start a restaurant. So I bought a historic house built in 1908, which was being used as a vintage store on Larchmere. I then converted it into what is now Felice Urban Cafe. I bought the lot next door, so I could turn it into a garden and I also purchased a condemned house across the street, which I rehabbed into a place for me to live, while renting out the other floors as apartments.


At the time, few in my life thought doing all this was a good idea. Like many entrepreneurs, I stuck to my guns and went ahead anyway because I thought it was a great idea. I’ve been the proud owner of a successful restaurant for years.


I wanted to say hello to all of you via our new email list and encourage you to come have dinner with us. Great things are afoot, as the gals are running the show. If you come before 6pm, stop by our bar and join me for a drink. I’m here every day we’re open, as it’s just a short walk from my house!



Margaret Mueller



Founder & Owner

Felice Urban Cafe




Watch our garden grow

garden 1.1

Enjoy views of our garden from the patio!

As you may know, I am a farmer and a gardener at heart. I tend to the garden all season, but our talented landscaper, Dominic, helps me get the garden ready to plant in the spring. This year, Dominic didn’t plow the garden. Instead, per Ruth Stout’s suggestion, he dug out all the weeds and put them on our own mulch pile to make new soil.

As you can see, I’ve got lines set, and we are ready to plant all the vegetables our chef, Laura, needs for Felice. There will be lettuces, herbs, oregano, parsley, thyme, bok choi, okra, lima beans, mint, beans, beets, and more. As the produce is ready, we pick it and Laura incorporates the items in our menu and sometimes creates featured dishes for the day.

I’ll be regularly updating the progress of the garden over the next few months, so check back often to watch us grow. Or, if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by to see and taste it for yourself!

– Margaret

peaschivesJune 3, 2015

The garden is edging up, particularly the radishes… and the weeds are relentless!

The cucumbers look sick, lying down on the ground. I think they need a trellis. The amaranth is now distinguished from the weeds because it is red. My peas are growing like crazy (see the photo on the left). The three elephant ears I kept in my basement over the winter have shown that they are alive. They should grow as tall as the trees. The chives are doing well too – see them below with the purple flowers. Laura cuts these and uses them in menu items daily.

I finally figured out my mystery plant… borage. We can make a spinach-like dish out of the borage and eat its purple blossoms. Its flavor is similar to a cucumber.

– Margaret






July 1, 2015peaches

We are trying to attack the weeds in spite of the rain! We have a bounty of peaches for the first time in three years. Same with the two apple trees. Now I have to figure out how to support the branches, otherwise they will droop as the fruit grows heavier.

Bok choy and lettuce are ready and have been picked. The beets and the amaranth are growing (amaranth is a beautiful deep red color). The peas are done. The lima beans are reaching for a trellis that I don’t yet have for them.

The cucumbers look good as I wrap their tendrils around poles. The three elephant ears are going to be huge! The hydrangeas are bursting to show their beauty. Butterfly bush is already in bloom. And the mint patch is spreading, as mint always does.

– Margaretamaranth